Hugh Burton


My goal is to develop theoretical and computational methods to accurately predict ground- and excited-state electronic properties in molecules with strong electron coupling.

My work investigates the mathematical properties of electronic structure methods in regimes where they currently break down, allowing us to design new methods to accurately predict the properties of electrons in molecules. I am particularly interested in understanding how multiple solutions to electronic structure approximations can be can be exploited to describe chemical systems where conventional techniques fail, such as excited-state chemistry or when a chemical bond is broken. You can find out more about my research interests and publications throughout this site.

I am currently the Astor Junior Research Fellow in Chemistry at New College, Oxford and an early-career researcher in the Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford. Please get in touch if you have any questions about my work or ideas about collaborative research, my contact details can be found here.

In 2022–23, I will be offering a Part II project in the Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford. For information about possible projects, please take a look at my research or contact me via email.

Latest News

02-03-2022:   Theory Seminar at CFEL-DESY

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18-02-2022:   Energy Landscape of State-Specific Electronic Structure

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01-10-2021:   Gabriela and Antoine join the group

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23-09-2021:   57th Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry

It was great to present my latest work on Electronic Structure as an Energy Landscape... Read More

15-07-2021:   Outstanding Thesis Award in Theoretical Chemistry

I am honoured to announce that I have been awarded the 2020 Outstanding Thesis Award... Read More